History Old Friendship 3907


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First Draft of the History  ………………….



2019-2020       (i) W Bro BRIAN HAMMOND (Master Elect)        Active2018       101st Mstr


2018 –2019     (i) W Bro ANDREW.CONWAY                               Active2018       100th Mstr

———————————————————————————————–Our Centenary

2017-2018       (i) W Bro JAMES.MURPHY                                                Active2018       99th Mstr

———————————————————————————–Graham Miller Initiated

————————————————————————– John Buckley (joining member)

———————–300th ANNIVERSARY OF GRAND LODGE (UGLE)———————–

2016-2017       (i) W Bro PHIL.ROUD                                              Active2018       98th Mstr

-New Lodge Banner approved – Donated By W Bro Ken Jones – Designed by Bro Geoff Neilly & W bro Paul Towsey ———-

————————————————————————————- Levi Breaker Initiated

2015-2016       (i) W Bro MICHAEL.R.TOWSEY.                           Active2018       97th Mstr

———————————————————————————– Nick Christian Initiated

—-Upminster Masonic hall Complete Refurbishment completed with the new Clerkenwell bar – New Constellation Temple and new Grecian temple – which is a fashioned after the Grecian/Constellation temples in Bishopsgate London – The ( almost New) New Hall is Opened By the Prov Grand Master Rodney Lister-Bass OBE

2014-2015       (i) W Bro PAUL. C. TOWSEY                                  Active2018       96th Mstr

—————————————————————————— Andrew Humphrey Initiated

2013-2014       (i) W Bro `GRAHAM (Sumo) SHAW                      Active2018       95th Mstr

————————————————————Darren Jones and Andreas Aravis Initiated

———————————————————————————— Derek Taylor Initiated

——————- London Hosts the Olympics at Stratford- it is a brilliant success—————-

2012-2013       (i) W Bro MAJOR.PRUSHESKA                             Active2018       94th Mstr

———————————————————————- Luke Clancy Re- (joining member)

——————————————————– Paul Lane and John Griffin (joining members)

2011-2012       (i) W Bro DEREK.BROWN(First initiated into LOOF 24th Jan 1949)    (d)2015           93rd Mstr)

————————————————————————————- Mick Randal Initiated

2010-2011       (i) W Bro IAN.BIGBY                                               Active2018       92nd Mstr

2009-2010       (i) W Bro BARRY.SCAMENS                                 Active2018       91st Mstr

——————————————————–Trevor Manning and Brian Hammond Initiated

2008-2009       (i) W Bro GARY.STONE                                          Active2018       90th Mstr

—————————————————————– Jason Hyatt and Chris Marks Initiated

2007-2008       (i) W Bro CHRIS.LARNER                                       Active2018       89th Mstr

——————————————————- Michael Towsey and Andrew Conway Initiated

——————–Stock markets crash world-wide (sub-prime) Financial crisis——————–

2006-2007       (i) W Bro JOHN.COOK                                            Active2018       88th Mstr

————————————————— Jim Murphy , Bill Jones and Geoff Neilly Initiated

2005-2006       (i) W Bro FRED.HUMPHREY                                 Active2018       87th Mstr

——–East London Chosen to host 2012 Olympics-beating Paris, Madrid, New York. ———

——————————————————————- Paul Towsey and Phil Roud Initiated

2004-2005       (i) W Bro MICHAELRANKIN                                 Active2018       86th Mstr

——————————————————————————– Eammon Dunlea Initiated

————————————————————————– Peter Hughs (joining member)

2003-2004      (i) W Bro HENRY.SHELLEY                                   Active2018       85th Mstr

————————————————- Graham (sumo) Shaw and Major Pietruska Initiated


—————————————————————————————- Ian Bigby Initiated

2002-2003       (i) W Bro KENETH.JONES                                      Active2018       84th Mstr

————————Ford’s of Dagenham Produces its last car _ After 71 years, 11 Million vehicles the last car ever rolls off the lines ( It’s the iconic Ford Fiesta)—————————

—————————————————————Barry Scamans and Gary Stone Initiated

2001-2002       (i) W Bro LUKE.CLANCY                                       Active2018       83rd Mstr

—————————————————————————Henry Shelly (joining member)

————————————————————————————- Chris Larner Initiated

——————————Romford Brewery Shopping Centre Opens——————————-

——————————————————————– Duncan Campbell (joining member)

—————————The Twin Towers (NY) are destroyed by Terrorist————————-

2000-2001       (i) W Bro LUKE.CLANCY                                       Active2018       82nd Mstr

——The Lodge Moves from Chingford after some 50 years – to Upminster Masonic Hall—–1999-2000   (i) W Bro TIMOTHY.CURREN                                (r)2008            81st Mstr

————————————————————————————– John Cooke Initiated

1998-1999       (i) W Bro JOHN.DALE – GstwdPPAGDC              *****              80th Mstr

———————Tony Blair Becomes Labours first prime minister since 1979——————

1997-1998       (i) W Bro JOHN.E.LAMB – PPGJD                         *****              79th Mstr

—–The White Hart Hotel ( Romford- Just off Market place) CLOSES ITS DOORS after 350 years service to masons and the local community –  It was our first meeting place ( also many other Local Lodges) – Re-named The Ford&Firkin – Latterly the (Apposite) Bitter End ——-

————————————————————– Fred Humphries and Ken Jones Initiated

1996-1997       (i) W Bro MARK LAMB                                          (r)2008            78th Mstr

1995-1996       (i) W Bro WILLIAM. McELLIGOTT                        Active2018       77th Mstr

1994-1995       (i) W Bro CHRISOPHER. JONES                            Active2018       76th Mstr

————————————————————————————–Mick Rankin Initiated

—————————————————————————————Our 75th Anniversary

1993-1994       (i) W Bro C. JONES                                                   Active2018       75th Mstr

——————————————Romford Brewery closes—————————————-

1992-1993       (i) W Bro JEFF.G.BUDD                                                      (d)2016           74th Mstr

—————————————————————————————Mark Lamb Initiated

1991-1992       (i) W Bro JEFF.G.BUDD                                                      (d)2016           73rd Mstr

—————————– Dartford ( QEII BRIDGE ) Crossing Opens——————————

1990-1991       (i) W Bro KEVIN.N.NICHOLLS                                          *****              72nd Mstr

——————————————The Gulf War starts ———————————————-

————————————Lakeside Shopping Centre Opens————————————

————————————————————————————Bill McElligott Initiated

1989-1990       (i) W Bro KEVIN.N.NICHOLLS                              *****              71st Mstr

1988-1989       (i) W Bro K.C.KNIGHT                                            *****              70th Mstr

—————————————————————————————Chris Jones Initiated

1987-1988       (i) W Bro JOHN.DALE – GstwdPPAGDC              *****              69th Mstr

1986-1987       (i) W Bro K TWEEN                                                  *****              68th Mstr

1985-1986       (i) W Bro JOHN.E.LAMB – PPGJD                         *****              67th Mstr

1984-1985       (i) W Bro K.E.TWEEN                                               *****              66th Mstr


1983-1984       (i) W Bro T.L.SPRINGALL                                       *****              65th Mstr


1982-1983       (i) W Bro P.F.BRASIER – PPGW                             (r)1987            64th Mstr

———————————Falklands War Starts with Argentina———————————–

1981-1982       (i) W Bro A.A.ROUSE – PPGSwB                           (r)1982            63rd Mstr

1980-1981       (i) W Bro H.W.C.ABRAHAM – PPGJD                  (r)1990            62nd Mstr

——————————–Second Dartford ( Tunnel ) Crossing Opens—————————-

1979-1980       (i) W Bro P.S.RUSSELL                                            Active2018       61st Mstr

————————-Margaret Thatcher Becomes Britain’s first Female PM———————-

1978-1979       (i) W Bro J.F.CAGE – PPAGDC                              (r)1989            60th Mstr

——The winter of discontent –No fuel, black-outs and refuse left piled high in streets———

1977-1978       (i) W Bro R.E.ELMSLIE – PPGW                             (r)1989            59th Mstr

—————————-Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee- Street parties————————–

1976-1977       (i) W Bro A.E.FRENCH – PPAGDC                                    ******            58th Mstr

1975-1976       (i) W Bro J.DALE – GstwdPPAGDC                       ******            57th Mstr

1974-1975       (i) W Bro J.CROMPTON – PPAGGDC                   ******            56th Mstr

—————————————-John Rhodes ( Our longest serving living member) Initiated

1973-1974       (i) W Bro R.G.A DEVONISH – PPGStB                 (d)1990           55th Mstr

1972-1973       (i) W Bro D.W.ELLIS – PPGW                                 (d)1981           54th Mstr

1971-1972       (i) W Bro A.R.BAILY – LGR                                    ******            53rd Mstr

————————————–Decimal Currency Introduced—————————————

1970-1971        (i) W Bro E.L.SPRINGALL – PPAGDC                 (d)1986           52nd Mstr

1969-1970       (i) W Bro C.J.SCUSE – PPGW                                 (d)1982           51st Mstr

———————————-The First Moon Landing- Apollo 11———————————–

———————————————————————————Our 50th Anniversary year

1968-1969       (i) W Bro E.J.DUNCAN – PPAGDC                                    (d)1987           50th Mstr

——————————–Liberty Shopping Centre Romford Opens——————————


1967-1968       (i) W Bro W.A.KENINGALE – PPGStB                  ******            49th Mstr

-The Lodge of Old Friendship records 87 Members at this time- inc 2 originals from 1919/20

1966-1967       (i) W Bro A.GAGE – PPAGDC                                (r)1987            48th Mstr

—————————————England Win the World Cup—————————————

1965-1966       (i) W Bro C.F.MILNE – PPSGD                               ******            47th Mstr

—————————————-Winston Churchill Dies——————————————-

1964-1965       (i) W Bro J.W.TRIPPICK – PPSGD                         (d)1989           46th Mstr

1963-1964       (i) W Bro A.P. McCUTCHEON                                (d)1980           45th Mstr

—————————–The Assassination of President John F Kennedy———————————————————–John Dale Initiated ( Many of us fondly remember John)

——————————–First Dartford ( Tunnel ) Crossing Opens——————————-

1962-1963       (i) W Bro R.G.MURREY – PPAGStB                       (r)1979            44th Mstr

1961-1962       (i) W Bro J.W.J.WALKER – PPJGD                         (d)1964           43rd Mstr

!960-1961       (i) W Bro G.J.CURTIS – PPJGD                               (d)1973           42nd Mstr

1959-1960       (i) W Bro R.A.CORNWALL (Roy) – PPGD            ******            41st Mstr

1958-1959       (i) W Bro V.C.CORNWALL – PPGSWks (RC’s bro)  (r)1974            40th Mstr

1957-1958       (i) W Bro N.E.DEEKS – PPJGD                                (d)1984           39th Mstr

——————-Our 5th and final Daughter Lodge (The Ridgeway Lodge) is formed from members.

1956-1957       (i) W Bro W.G.WHEATLEY – PPGStB                    (d)1973           38th Mstr

–Upminster Masonic hall opens – It was single story but smaller than the building on the site today

1955-1956       (i) W Bro G.STARK – PPGStwd                               (d)1963           37th Mstr

1954-1955       (i) W Bro R.J.CORNWALL – PPGDC (RC’s Father)    (d)1976           36th Mstr

1953-1954       (i) W Bro J.SEWELL – PPGStB                                 (d)1975           35th Mstr

—————————–The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second————————-

1952-1953       (i) W Bro MARK BEER                                            (d)1956           34th Mstr

1951-1952       (i) W Bro C.J.MONK – PPGDC/PPGW                   ******            33rd Mstr

—————————–Queen Elizebeth II becomes Queen aged 25——————————-

————————————King George the VI Dies———————————————-

1950-1951       (i) W Bro G.C.FITCH – PPAGSWks                                    (r)1972            32nd Mstr

1949-1950       (i) W Bro E.W.TRIPPICK – PPGD                           (d)1980           31st Mstr

1948-1949       (i) W Bro F.J.HUNT – PPGSWb                               (r)1972            30th Mstr

1947-1948       (i) W Bro T.M.HUNT – PPGW                                 (r)1973            29th Mstr

1946-1947       (i) W Bro C.H.L.PALMER – PPGW                         (r)1974            28th Mstr

—Our 4h Daughter Lodge (The Lodge of Progress and Unity) is formed by Old Friendship members.

———-April 1946 – We move from our wartime lodgings at the Coopers arms to Chingford Masonic centre. We are there for the next 50 yrs , not returning to Havering again until 1999.

————————————-The Second World War ends—————————————

1945-1946       (i) W Bro W.L.DEAN                                                (r)1965            27th Mstr

——————————–D-Day The liberation of Europe begins———————————

1944-1945       (i) W Bro E.N.HOLDING – PPAGDC                     (r)1960            26th Mstr

1943-1944       (i) W Bro C.J.SCUSE – PPGW                                 (d)1982           25th Mstr

————————–Battle of Stalingrad- The` Germans Lose heavily —————————

1942-1943       (i) W Bro A.R.SEACH                                               (d)1960           24th Mstr

——————–The Battle for El Alamein – The German 8th army defeated——————–

————————–Grand Master Duke of Kent Killed in an air crash—————————

1941-1942       (i) W Bro H.A.SLADE – DSOPPGD                                    (d)1971           23rd Mstr

1940-1941       (i) W Bro H.A.SLADE – DSPPPGD                        (d)1971           22nd Mstr

—————Battle of Britain starts (air war over Britain ensues-Invasion expected————–

—Masons are asked to hand in Jewells to help war effort- white gloves are dispensed with—

————We move again owing to the War office taking over Lord Lambourne Masonic Hall Taking up temporary accommodation at The Coopers Arms Chadwell Heath- We have been holding l.o.i here for a number of years.

————————————British retreat from Dunkirk—————————————-

1939-1940       (i) W Bro K.T.E.NIGHT                                            (d)1957           21st  Mstr

————————————The Second World War Starts————————————-

———————————The great depression officially ends————————————

1938-1939       (i) W Bro J.E.PARTINGTON                                    (d)1942           20th Mstr

——–Our Third Daughter Lodge  ( Pyrgo Lodge) is formed amongst Old Friendship members the reasons are not revealed to us.

1937-1938       (i) W Bro W.A.BLEADEN – PPGTreas                    (d)1968           19th Mstr

——————–The Abdication Crisis _ King George VI Crowned King————————

1936-1937       (i) W Bro AITKIN BROWN – PPAGsuptW             (d)1954           18th Mstr

—————————————KING GEORGE THE V dies ————————————

1935-1936       (i) W Bro G.F.GRAINGER – PPAGDC                   (d)1951           17th Mstr

——-We move from the White Hart Hotel to recently built Lord Lambourne Masonic Hall , Romford

1934-1935       (j) W Bro H.GUNARY – PPGD                               (d)1958           16th Mstr

******************Old Friendship  Royal Arch Chapterfounded*********************

——————-Our Second Daughter Lodge  ( The Walnut Tree Lodge) is formed  by members who were involved in the building of the new housing estate at Becontree.

1933-1934       (i) W Bro A.COCKLE – PGD/PPGW                       (d)1975           15th Mstr

————(July 28th) The Foundation Stone of the Lord Lambourne Masonic Hall, Romford, was laid by the R.W. Prov. Grand Master.

1932-1933       (i) W Bro D.C.DOUBLEDAY OBE – PPGW/LGR  (d)1974           14th Mstr

—-The work on the peace Memorial is completed AND Great Queen Street OPENS ITS DOORS—–

1931-1932       (i) W Bro H.N.CROWE – PGSB/PPGW                   (r)1951            13th Mstr

————————Ford at Dagenham Opens – The great depression——————————

———(February 14th) The newTemple at Chingford was dedicated by the R.W. Prov. Grand Master.

1930-1931       (i) W Bro A.A.HATCH – LGR                                  (d)1934           12th Mstr

1929-1930       (i) W Bro A.G.THURSTON – PPGW/LGR              (d)1951           11th Mstr

—————————–The Wall Street Crash- The great depression——————————

1928-1929       (J) W Bro H.BAILEY – PPGW                                 (d)1954           10th Mstr

————Work Starts on ( PEACE MEMORIAL )New Masonic Hall at Great Queen Street————

1927-1928       (J) W Bro C. GUNARY – PPGD                               (d)1943           9th Mstr

———————————— MASTER FOUNDERS————————————————

1926-1927       (f) W Bro A.STANLEY.HILL                                   (d)1933           8th Master

—————————–The General Strike- The country in Crisis———————————

1925-1926       (f) W Bro A.F.CHAPMAN – PPAGDC                   (d)1927           7th Master

1924-1925       (f) W Bro G.H. JEFF – PPGD/PPGW                       (d)1941           6th Master

—Our first Daughter Lodge (Dagenham Lodge) is formed amongst Old Friendship who are also members of the Dagenham CCC Cricket  club. The founding brothers were from members from Old Friendship – Seven Kings, and some additional London masons –  The consecration was held in the constellation Rooms Bishopsgate – London. Lord Lambourne ( The Provincial grand master took the chair for the ceremony)

———————-Ramsey Macdonald becomes Britain’s first Labour PM————————

1923-1924       (f) W Bro L.J. MARTYN – PAGS Wks                    (d)1960           5th Master

1922-1923       (f) W Bro F. ROBERTSON – PAG purs/LGR          (d)1934           4th Master

1921-1922       (f) W Bro J.W.STEWART – PPGD                           (d)1934           3rd Master

——– WAR MEMORAIL IN ROMFORD ERECTED _UNVEILED BY LORD LAMBOURNE – Many masons( including from our lodge)  and public Attended to coomemorate the 361 servicemen that had lost their lives – It was originally in Laurie Sqr and was later removed in 1970-

1920-1921       (f) W Bro T .E. SPURR – PGSB/PPGTreas              (d)1942           2nd Master

—————————Nancy Astor Becomes Britain’s first female MP—————————

Masonic Peace memorial ( Hallstone) Fund started – to build Lasting memorial to those masons and all others who died in the Great War.

1919-1920       (f) W Bro G. H. CLARK – PAGDC                          (d)1942           1st Master

——————Treaty of Versailles signed – Officially ending the First World War————–




(f) Founder

(i) Initiated in to this Mother Lodge

(j) Joining member

(d) deceased

(r) resigned


Welcome to The Lodge of old friendship No. 3907.

Patron Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution. Patron Royal Masonic Institution for Girls. Patron Royal Masonic Institution for Boys. Patron Royal Masonic Hospital


We are a very friendly and sociable lodge, who are in 2018 celebrating our centenary year. We have many fun filled meetings and various fund raising events. These include ceremonies for the initiation of new candidates who want to become freemasons, Lectures, White tables, Ladies Nights, Cricket days , golf days and other community based charity or fund raising events.

 Brief history. The Lodge of Old Friendship was consecrated by the RW Provincial Grand Master Lord Lambourne on the 24th March 1919 at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street , London . We latterly met at the White Hart Hotel, Romford. After various meeting places we moved to Chingford in 1947, There to remain for the next 50Yrs. We moved to Upminster and back home to Havering and the place of our origins in 1999 – We are still there.

 Our Membership. As a Lodge which is 100 years old, we have many established traditions which we enjoy and embrace, these have been added to and embellished into rich traditions over the years. Our ages ranges from early 30’s to late 60’s – but we do have a few in their late 70’s. Our members  range across many different professions, ranging from, teachers, accountants, police officers, to French polishers and graphic designers, some are retired but all are an interesting range of people with a common interest in helping others, less fortunate than themselves. Most live in Essex, London, Some as far as Suffolk.

 Meeting dates: We meet formally five times a year at the Upminster Masonic Hall in Deyncourt Gardens, Upminster, on the fourth Friday in January, March and October and the first Friday in May (Installation,) and ( carols) second Friday in December

 The Lodge of Instruction is currently held every Monday from September to June at 7:30At Bretons Manor, Upper Rainham Road, Hornchurch..

 Are you interested in joining our friendly lodge? If you are a decent, honest and trustworthy person over 21 are interested in helping your fellow man and have a healthy interest in learning about the history and mysteries of Freemasonry and wish to be a part of a worldwide fraternity whose members enjoy each other’s company- then please get in touch with the secretary just drop a line to the Secretary or the admin here..